Check Out: How Peugeot Car Key Replacement Is Taking Over And What Can We Do About It

New Key For Peugeot 207 The Peugeot 207 is a very well-known car. It's a small car that has lots of character and fashion. Over peugeot 308 key fob could develop various issues. If not addressed immediately the issues can turn very grave. It can be costly and stressful to replace keys to your car, particularly when it was stolen. Lost Keys Peugeot is a car brand which is well-known for making high-quality cars. These cars come with a secure feature that prevents unauthorized usage of the vehicle. The system is based on a transponder chip that is encrypted with a unique code. The immobilizer can then recognize the proper key to start the vehicle. This stops thieves from stealing Peugeot keys. If you've lost your car keys, an auto locksmith expert can help. They will visit your location and cut you a spare car key. They can also program the key to work with Peugeot's immobilizers as well as lock barrels. This is less expensive than going to an auto dealer. The process of obtaining an additional Peugeot key is quite simple for most models (except for the 107 and 108 Bipper). However, you'll need to know the pin code of your vehicle to learn a new key. This can be a hassle, especially if you have the time available to wait for the locksmith to arrive. Transponder Fault The immobilizer system on your Peugeot 207 verifies that the key you used to start your vehicle is the one it needs. This is done by transmitting a signal through an antenna from the microchip in your key to the ignition. This is a security feature that helps protect your car from being taken away. If the immobilizer control unit receives a code emitted by your key which is different to the one it is anticipating, it will either light the warning light that appears on the console or flash rapidly. This indicates that there is a problem and you may be required to take the vehicle to an Peugeot dealer to reset it and get the keys changed. You can tell whether there is a transponder problem within your key by analyzing it at a garage that provides this service. They can do this for no cost and will inform you whether the chip is functioning correctly or if there is a problem within the system that is hindering your Peugeot from beginning. If you've accidentally swapped the original Peugeot key case with another (and that's why you lost the transponder chip) or damaged your key because it was wet, there is usually nothing to be concerned about. The most common problems with the immobilizer system arise due to a low battery in the key, a broken antenna, or an electronic malfunction within the module and the engine computer. Key Blade Wobble Peugeot decided to do something different in the early 2000s. In the early 2000's, Peugeot launched a flip-key style instead of the traditional transponder chip encased in carbon. Unfortunately, the new design came with several major issues and one of the major ones is key blade wobble. This problem occurs when the key blade, which is basically the mouthpiece that goes into the lock first, wears. This causes the silver button inside the key to stop turning the mechanism, and the key stops feeding in to the lock properly. This is easily fixed by cutting a new blade according to. It is vital that the blade is copied from your old worn out key, not a generic replacement, since this will not give you a precise shape and will continue to wear in exactly the same manner as the original key did. Your local Car Key Man auto-locksmith can provide you with a new blade to resolve this issue. Key Blade Damage Quite often, the blade of a key gets damaged, or more precisely the 'mouth' of the key, begins to wear out. If the key isn't removed quickly, it can get stuck in the lock. This then leads to the dreaded “Immobiliser Failure that appears on your dashboard. There are a myriad of fairy tales about how to fix the problem, but in reality it is a need for a new blade. Fortunately, this is affordable and can be done by an auto locksmith in your area. Car Key Man Auto Locksmith. They'll need to cut a brand new blade and fit it to the Peugeot 207 key. A quality Peugeot flip key should last about five years before tiny hairline cracks begin to appear on the circuit board that produces the transponder chip signal. These cracks do not affect the chip but can cause other issues with your Peugeot key. The flip mechanism, which holds the blade in position is not very reliable. This is particularly the case with the Peugeot Partner 107, 407 and 107 models. This is due to the design of the key's 'flip' mechanism is different from the old type, carbon-encased chip. This has resulted in four major issues that could prevent your Peugeot key from functioning.